How to sell without leaving the sofa – Is content part of your sales?

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We like to be open and transparent as possible here at That means honestly and clearly answering your questions about what we do and the actual value of our services.

In this case, the question we want to answer is this… ‘does good copy and engaging content actually help the sales process?’

The answer is, ‘Yes, it does…’

Thanks for reading, we look forward to your order.

“What? You want more proof?”

Ok, so to prove that good copy is good sales I could easily hit you up with a lot of statistics. The chances are that I don’t need to though because you already looked them up. If you didn’t already you are probably going to once you finish reading. The reason I am so confident is that online searching is now the default first point of approach to any purchase. The surprising thing isn’t that this research happens though, it is how much content you take in when you (and also your customers) do that research.

Even the smallest purchase is content heavy. Imagine you were visiting an online retailer to buy a new phone case. Your digital footprint most likely consists of something along the lines of Homepage>search results page>Selected product page>Alternative Product page>Another Alternative Product Page>Shopping Basket>Order Page>Delivery Details>Payment Details>Checkout>Confirmation page… as a minimum.

A total of around 11 pages to buy a product you already knew you wanted. That’s a lot of content for a low-value purchase. Feel free to be surprised at this point, I was when I worked it out.

From cold prospect to a firm sale – before they even contact you.

Now think about how many pages a buyer will read for a high-value product. They start by asking Google about the product or service and it will answer the enquiry with some suggested suppliers or information. Then they probably read 3 or 4 blogs, maybe check the company history, read the reviews about the product, (eat a kit-kat and have a coffee) look at the testimonials, go through the product specification, go back to the home page, take a look at some other products out of passing interest and finally make their decision to act.

About 30 pages to get to the motivation to do something about a potential purchase and get in touch with you. According to many sources, this motivation to action is so strong that 70%+ of B2B customers have made the decision about where to purchase before they contact the supplier. 2 out of every three clients has already decided on you as the supplier when they call. So, because of all that copy, the potential customer has essentially made the sale themselves. All you need to do is offer them the right service when they call or visit.

Like I said earlier, “Yes, copy does help the sales process.”

Take a look at our prices (they are on the site) have a read of 30 other pages as well if you like… and then call us.