Out of date coffee beans – Why you never quite get around to writing those blogs

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Sometimes people ask ‘why do you give away so much advice and free copywriting training?’

After all, doesn’t it mean that we are essentially telling people how to do the very thing we make money on by giving them the tools to write their own great blogs and content?

I can see why, the surface at least, it would seem crazy to give away your core product. Why would we risk losing money? I mean, cards on the table here, as much as we do love writing, we don’t love it enough to starve for it. We need to pay the bills the same as everyone else, so clearly, we still need to make money and of course, we do. How can we give away free training and still make a few quid here and there? Well, it’s a bit like my bag of coffee beans.

Come into my kitchen while I explain…


The problem of relative importance.

In the corner of my kitchen, I have a bag of coffee beans. It comes from Laos and was a gift from my son who brought it all the way from where he lives in Thailand and it is, in my opinion at least, the worlds finest coffee. I love fresh ground coffee. I adore the smell you get when you grind the beans. I enjoy pouring the grounds into the coffee pot. I enjoy the crackle and hiss of water as it releases the delicious flavours and I love pushing down the plunger to trap the grounds in the bottom of the pot.  I enjoy the whole experience and the beans from Loas are the final piece in the perfect coffee puzzle.

Best of all though there is the magical ‘first sip’ moment. If you drink coffee in the morning you will know exactly what I mean. You stand by your open door with your dog at your feet, take in the morning air, feel the sun on your face, lift your cup of freshly brewed coffee to your lips, inhale the bitter-sweet aroma and take that first sip. It is nectar. This is one of the simple things that mean so much in life. This, my dear friends, is living your best life.

Most mornings though I bung a pod in the machine and have that instead.

In fact, the beans have actually gone past their best before date now because I so rarely use them.

Why then, if this ritual gives me so much pleasure, have I allowed those beans to go past their use-by date?

I could make up some excuses if you like but the honest reason is that it is simply too inconvenient to use them. I wake up earlier than anyone else in my household and the coffee grinder is quite loud. On top of which the dog usually needs feeding and I am trying to get to work and in rush. Also, it means getting rid of the grounds and cleaning the cafetiere because if I leave that irritating little job until I get home, my partner will get annoyed.

So, I just use the coffee pod machine instead.


Why do we give away free training?

That bag of coffee beans isn’t out of date because I don’t want them or dislike them, they are out of date for the same reason you never get around to writing your own blogs and copy. It is about convenience. It is also the reason that although your own coffee is perfectly acceptable, you still love to go to that little coffee shop with the skilled Barista who somehow manages to add a little extra flair to your coffee. Your own writing is also probably perfectly fine, but here at Your-CopyWriter.com we bring a little bit more.

When it comes right down to it you will either have the time and the inclination to write your own copy or you will not. If you are going to do it, then why would not help you do it well. If you are not, then we are here to do it for you.

I am sure your writing is important and special to you, but it is not quite important or special enough to take you away from running your business.

So, we are happy for you to have the free training as a gift so you can make your own great coffee, sorry, copy, but please don’t let the beans go out of date. Call us instead, we are here to make your writing ‘first sip’ great.